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App Backup & Restore for Android

App Backup & Restore for Android

App Backup & Restore is an application that allows you to save the installation files of various utilities from a mobile gadget. With this utility, you can save applications when reinstalling the operating system and transfer any applications.


Many users wondered why it is impossible to transfer applications from smartphones. This program is able to solve this problem. After the installation of the application, the user can create installation arc files of programs. The utility is quite simple to use, however, a feature of the application is the absence of the need for root rights.


This application is useful when reinstalling the operating system,
to preserve the operability of the program during the update process.
In addition, the software allows you to send the application to other users. It is worth noting that when you create a copy, application data is not saved, so a clean copy is obtained.

With the received data, you can carry out various actions using the usual file manager. You can install a copy using the same file manager without using the program.

How the utility works

The first step is to install and run the utility. Then, in the "Installed" section, you need to mark the application to copy. The Archived section allows you to check them in. To save system utilities, you need to click on the ellipsis key, go to "Settings" and put a mark next to "Show system applications".

Features of the program

The utility allows you to change the place to save information. In addition, the first installed utilities can be saved automatically. In addition, App Backup & Restore provides complete information about the internal memory of the device and the SD card. The software also allows you to send backup copies by e-mail. The software is able to work on The Android operating systems since version 2.1.

Pros and cons

The application has a simple Russified interface. In addition, the free version of the program has no limitations in functions. In addition, the utility is able to sort the list of installed programs.

Of the negative aspects, you can highlight the presence of advertising in the program. In addition, the utility does not allow you to save application data.


In general, App Backup & Restore can be considered a fairly useful application that will allow you to make a backup copy of the installation file of the program, while reducing traffic consumption and saving time for the second download. Working in the program is quite simple, because its menu is translated into Russian. However, the utility is not able to save application data. Use the utility will be able to owners of any mobile devices based on the Android operating system.

If necessary, it is worth resorting to the help of such developments, among which it is worth noting Ultimate Backup. This utility is able to save calls, SMS, passwords to wireless networks and other similar information in the cloud storage.

It is necessary to download the application from the official website of the manufacturer or a trusted source in order to have reliable and high-quality software on your device. Also, do not forget about security and activate the antivirus utility for download time, which will not allow malicious elements to penetrate the operating system. Such viruses can damage it or deprive it of its performance.