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Android SDK runs apps on different platforms

Android SDK

Applications installed on mobile devices can be launched on stationary devices. To do this, just install the necessary utility. Android SDK is a comprehensive software that can perform this task.


With this utility, you can test your applications. That is, the user will be able to assess their performance on Windows. Also, the service helps to study the mobile platform, but you do not need to buy a device.


The unique program is the development of Google. The creators responsibly approached the development of this software. The software is quite easy to manage, although there is no Russian version.

Description and components of the Android SDK

This environment is designed primarily for mobile devices with the Android operating system. The application allows you to conduct application tests. You can use the built-in camera, compass and other details.

The software supports the work with a variety of formats in which video, audio files, the most favorite photos and much more can be saved. The utility will open many documents that may be located in the memory of the device.

The service consists of several separate parts, which in total perform the work very efficiently. The Android SDK is equipped with archive files that are used in the application development process. Users can also find an instruction that lists all the main points of the workflow. So with its help, you can learn how to manage the Android SDK and achieve the best performance indicators.

There is also a special collection that stores examples of source code for a variety of projects. The utility includes all the necessary drivers, with the help of which the development environment is connected to the devices.

This emulator launches applications at one point. The Android SDK interacts with the content of the device. The utility opens video, audio, picture files in various formats. In addition to this, the software supports working with SQLite databases.

The software is equipped with a rather nice interface. Control is quite simple and comfortable. Since the Android SDK is based on modern technologies, this makes it possible to achieve a good speed of the utility. Package software works perfectly on a variety of platforms of modern stationary devices.