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Advantages of paid traffic that is not talked about

Instagram and Facebook are blocked. And business needs to be advertised. Where to do it? You can buy traffic in Yandex. Such paid traffic has advantages, which we will talk about. But first, subscribe to our Telegram channel to receive notifications about new publications. We regularly publish such interesting articles!

Time to market

The first advantage of paid traffic is speed. To illustrate what I mean, let's compare paid advertising with search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is when you're trying to improve your website's ranking in the SERPs. An SEO strategy includes keyword research, metadata, backlinks, and other technical elements. And it works, but it takes time to promote a website organically. And it's not free, contrary to popular belief.

If you're trying to optimize a site with any level of competition, it can take 3, 6, 9, 12+ months before you start seeing results.

With ads, you can see traffic the next day.

Both paid traffic and organic search traffic are critical to a business's success. But paid traffic should come first. Why? Because it's pretty darn fast. In the realm of digital marketing, you need to test the concept before you can scale. A proof of concept is hard to get without speed.

Analytics you can really track

Another advantage of paid traffic is analytics.

In organic marketing, social media marketing and especially email marketing, the amount of data is limited and this data is taken away from us due to the new privacy rules.

And in paid traffic, the advertising network itself – Yandex Direct – should provide you with this information, because you pay for the traffic.

Conversion path

A conversion path is a sequence of events that a user goes through before taking a desired action. It's important to track the conversion path and look for common traits of your customers' behavior.

With free traffic, tracking the conversion path is difficult.

Optimize each campaign item

Who is this paid advertising campaign for? Where does the conversion take place? At what time does our advertising work best?

With paid advertising, you can optimize everything. You can't optimize or change these variables outside of a paid ecosystem.

When you analyze the data, you see exactly where the gap is. You can then make small changes to improve the effectiveness of the advertising campaign in the long run.

The changes don't have to be major. Everyone has heard the analogy of an airplane that has deviated from the course by 1% and eventually ends up in a completely different country. Your campaigns will be the same.

The ability to optimize your campaigns is one of the strongest benefits of paid traffic.

Advanced customer targeting

One of the main differences between free and paid traffic is targeting. With paid traffic, you decide who to show your ads to. This is an amazing advantage, especially considering how much information these ad networks know about people.

Ad networks have 70 million demographic and psychographic characteristics of every person on the planet.

Who is your target audience?

  • Where do they live and work?
  • What are their interests?
  • Are they married?
  • How much money do they make?
  • What products do they buy online?

From a machine learning perspective, this data is important. Why? All ad networks have reverse engineering. They want to understand why people do what they do. They want to know what makes people buy.

Honestly, it's a little scary because they're good at it. But the better they turn out, the greater your advantage.

You can take advantage of machine learning through targeting.

Rapid improvement of behavioral factors of the site

Without good behavioral factors, your website has no chance of gaining search positions and organic traffic. And without traffic, it is impossible to show good behavioral factors.

Hot traffic from ads shows good behavioral factors and the site starts to grow in ad-free search.



As you can see, the benefits of paid advertising are enormous. I'm not saying that paid advertising is the only thing you need to do. But paid advertising should be the cornerstone of your internet marketing. You can customize the ads yourself.