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3D slider with parallax effect for the site

Sliders occupy a significant role in web design and the development of the structure of the site. Today we would like to talk about the wonderful effect of parallax and how to combine it with a slider on your site. We want to create a slider with a parallax effect, but in addition, so that it is voluminous, it will allow you to visually highlight the information you need. In this lesson, we implement the above in addition to this, the slides will also fill the background, it all looks very attractive to a simple visitor and attracts the eye.

Many different free templates you can find on the website of our partners, there are also premium templates with round-the-clock technical support and help in setting up:


Such a slider will perfectly fit into the header of the site, which will undoubtedly set the tone for the entire design of the site, let's start the process of creating a slider.

Step 1. HTML

To begin with, we create a container that will contain all our images:



Next, we add a slider__text class that will contain information with labels and layers for the text, we add a separate class slider__text-item-head which is responsible for the header of the slider and slider__text-item-info which is responsible for the description to the slider:



Then it remains to add arrows for navigation, the mouse cursor we will have tied to these default arrows, the screen will be divided into two equal areas 50% by 50% in width, when crossing the cursor into one of the areas its direction will change.



Also at the bottom of the navigation we will have points that will show the visitor on which slide he is on and how many such slides we have.



Now let's move on to the next step, we need to visualize our slider and set styles for the above classes.


Step 2. CSS

We need to stylize our slider, as mentioned above, we give part of the styles, you can read their full description in the sources, you can see the basic values below:



In styles, we step by step specify the styles for each class, its position and its shape when you hover or click on the object, which will visually emphasize the slider.

Step 3. JS


We need to revive us slider by adding rules for displaying and moving the slider along the coordinate axes, in addition, we need to make calculations for the position of the slider and its movement, as well as trifles that visually complement the site.



As a result, we got a wonderful slider with a parallax effect.